The Azure Brotherhood

Session 1

Andiatha Rainsinger called us together at the Lonely Sailor to give us a testing quest from the Azure Brotherhood. We were told to go to Whisper Springs and investigate a loss of communication with a Dwarf Otiril of clan Tormikos who was building a keep nearby with the permission of the king. She told us to speak with the mayor, Noros Fletcher, with whom she had contact, and gave us a map. She said that she had sent a party to investigate three weeks before, but had not heard from them either.

Upon reaching the village after three days travel, we found it was very small, let than a hundred in population, and was a hunting town. People began to gather as we appeared, and we were met by the mayor, who led us to the tavern after we mentioned Andiatha. The bartender encouraged the other patrons to leave, then after getting us our drinks was shooed out by the mayor. He told us about problems at the build site, with the workers leaving in the middle of the night, and the loss of contact with Otiril. He mentioned that a previous group sent by the Azure Brotherhood had arrived two and a half weeks ago, and disappeared. Through questioning we found out that the first problems were noticed about a month ago.

The mayor took us to visit the workers’ camp, where about fifteen to twenty workers had been staying. Some of the tents looked to be cut open with weapons, and there was blood that was several days old. Small footprints were found leading off to the construction site. A map case was found, but the plans for the lower levels were missing.

We went back to the village to rest for the night after a small feast, and after a breakfast of porridge that was made for us, we headed out to the construction site. Sounds of Kobalds were heard as we approached, and a fight ensued. After defeating them, we moved down into the structure, and fought off more of the creatures, and met a Human woman.

Posted by Asylos



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