The Azure Brotherhood

Session 2

The woman gathered her things that the kobolds had been rummaging through, and said that she was worried the kobolds were going to sacrifice her to whatever was further in the structure. She introduced herself as Halia. When asked, she confirmed that she was a member of the previously sent Azure Brotherhood party. She said that they had found Otiril and were talking with him when they were attacked. She asked to join with the party.

The party moved on and heard the sounds of kobolds up ahead, along with what Turrak thought was the sound of hammering. There was a voice shouting, and Halia translated it as instructions to barricade the doors. Arandil could see bodies in the room ahead, some human and dwarf, as well as kobold and large insects. Turrak and Yurkara recognize the room as a storeroom. A fight ensued.

After the kobolds were defeated, Turrak took a closer look at the bodies of the humanoids, and found that they had both bite wounds and broken limbs, as well as acid burns. The insects they determined were giant ants. The dwarves settled in for a rest while the others searched the room. After everyone had a rest, they opened one of the doors to investigate further.

The rogues led the way into an unfinished crypt. There was further chattering insect noises, and the group took care of a number of ants. They then went up to investigate the other door that the kobolds had barricaded.

The door leads to a room that looks to be an alchemical lab that was also being used as a foreman’s office for the construction. There are two makeshift cages, one holding a prone human and the other a badly battered but conscious dwarf. There were a number of ants, as well as some kobolds barricading themselves into an alcove. One of the bugs was trying to break into the human’s cage. The dwarf noticed the party, and started banging on his cage and calling for help. A fight ensued, with the dwarf cheering on the party. The bugs were taken care of, and the kobolds moved out of their hiding place. Thamaril made a leap across a pit to decapitate one of the kobolds. Arandil released the dwarf from his cage, and the dwarf used an odd-feeling magic to attack one of the kobolds.

After the enemies were defeated, the dwarf moved over to open the human’s cage, and Halia ran over, recognizing him as from her party. The dwarf thanked the group for their help, and introduced himself as Otiril. He said that his people had run when the giant ants broke through one of the walls, and that the kobolds had moved in thinking the place had been abandoned. Otiril wanted to make sure everyone got out of the structure. After finding out why the party was there, he asked if they could deal with the ant colony, and kill the queen so no further ants would come from the nest. He gave Arandil ten special arrows that would explode with fire, and Thamaril a special jacket that would shoot out blades should he be grabbed, as the ants were wont to do.

The party headed through the broken wall and into some underground caves. They fought off some more of the ants before reaching the queen. After defeating her and searching the area, the party went back up to the structure and rested after their ordeal.

Items found in this adventure (not previously mentioned): 340gp, 300sp, 2 gems (worth 100gp each), 3 potions of healing, 1 level 4 item (to be added).

Level up!



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