Thamaril Amagilan

A mysterious swordsman with a hidden past.


Class: Rogue Alignment: Lawful-Neutral (Whether you like it, or not, WotC!) Height: 5’ 9” Weight: 160lb Size: Medium Speed: 6 Vision: Darkvision

STR 16 +3 CON 10 +0 DEX 18 +4 INT 08 -1 WIS 10 +0 CHA 16 +3

AC 16 Fort 13 Ref 16 Will 13

Skills: Acrobatics (+9), Athletics (+8), Intimidate (+10), Stealth (+11), Streetwise (+8), Thievery (+8)

Powers: Disheartening Strike, Piercing Strike, Torturous Strike, Handspring Assault.

Class Features: First Strike, Brutal Scoundrel, Duelist Talent, Sneak Attack

Feats: Versatile Duelist, Weapon Proficiency (Katana)

Equipment: Katana, throwing knives, leather armour, hooded robe, essential tools and supplies (adventurer’s kit, climbing kit, thieves tools), 15gp.


On a quest for (redemption/vengeance/solace/shiny things), he uses the opportunities and resources given to him by the Azure Brotherhood.

Reserved, Grim, Suspicious, Adaptable, Scrupulous, Hard-Hearted.

Thamaril Amagilan

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