The Azure Brotherhood

Session 4

Pegason told the group that the hidden room was Hanloe’s office, and that Hanloe was an agent of the King. The man was not sure what Hanloe’s job was. He said that the trunk was valuable to the King and that Hanloe was to deliver it to the King’s men. He was not sure who took the trunk, but thought it might be whoever Hanloe had gotten the trunk from. The group learned that “vile lizard” refered to Jakka Blackscale, a dragon-born apothecary who may have connections to the Veil Society. Thamaril brought out the veil he had found in Hanloe’s room, and Pegason raised an eyebrow at it. Turrak asked Pegason’s permission for the group to look around the room.

The shelves in the room held personal trophies, some soft leather armour that was dyed black, a black metal scabbard with rubies that held a sword (Thamaril felt this item to feel familiar), a small chest of money, and a small device that the dwarves recognized as some type of artifice. The table in the center of the room held a “chemistry set” with bottles labeled only by symbols if anything. A search of the desk found papers written in code, and a secret compartment that held a thick scroll with the symbol of Morachai on the ends. Halia examines the scroll and declares it to be written in ancient Draconic, and that she would need to study it to translate. Pegason did not want the group to take the scroll, so Halia used a ritual to copy it onto some blank sheets. While she was working on that Turrak used Arandil’s help to return some vitality to Yurkara, who was feeling a bit worn down after the fight with the wererats.

When finished in the room the group headed back to the guildhall. They met Andiatha there and explained the events that had transpired. Halia showed her the copy of the scroll, and Andiatha recruited her to help translate the scroll after whispering that she thought Morachai was just a myth. After cleaning up from the trip in the sewer, the dwarves went back to their rooms to rest.

Thamaril and Arandil took the chance to head back to the room in the sewers. On the way, Arandil knocked out a lone watchman and took his tabard, a symbol of office, and Thamaril took the key to the watchhouse. They took the sword and scabbard, the leather armour and the chest of coins as well as the artifice. The scroll was no longer there. They made the room look as if it was an unprofessional robbery.

In the morning the group met with Andiatha again, and learned that what had been translated of the scroll so far showed designs for a variety of artifices. There was one that was used to enhance crossbows (the group recognized it as the device they had found in the sewer room) and one that created a hidden blade, as well as some alchemical metal treatment notes. They were not finished translating however. The two rogues commented that they had gone back to the sewer room and found it ransacked with the scroll missing. Andiatha told the group to find the trunk and Hanloe’s killer as well as locate the missing scroll if possible.

The group (without Halia) went to find Joracai. They reached the warehouses around midmorning. There were many people in the area, mostly middle class. The dwarves went into the office to find Joracai while the others went to ask around. Turrak asked the clerk to speak with Joracai but were told they needed an appointment. Turrak gave the rubbing of Morachai’s crest to the clerk, folded up, and told the clerk to give it to Joracai as their calling card. The clerk came back and took them to Joracai.

Joracai was an older man with hawklike features and a lush office. The rubbing was spread out on the desk when the dwarves entered. Turrak questioned the merchant about the trunk and learnt that Joracai had acquired the box from Hadrian’s Crossing, but that the box had come from further north. Yurkara felt that the man was not telling them all that he knew, and upon further pressing they learned that the merchant had looked inside of the crate and seen the box, and that Hanloe had arranged the transport of the box.

The rogues had not had much luck finding out anything from the workers. The group met up again outside the office. The rogues noticed Joracai leaving the office with some papers. He went around a corner and a cry was heard, then the scream of a woman who ran out of the street. A fight ensued with three archers on the roofs, two halflings and a middle class man.

Thamaril leapt up onto one of the roofs within a cloud of darkness and took out one of the archers. Arandril used his arrows to knock the middle class man off of the roof so that Thamaril and Yurkara could take him out. One prisoner was taken.

The group investigated and found that Joracai had been hit in the head, likely with the club that the middle class man had been using. Turrak took the papers that the merchant had been carrying while the rogues investigated their fallen attackers. On the middle class man they found a bronze medallion that Yurkara found familiar. The group heard the sound of the watch coming in. They moved with their prisoner to a secluded building in a poor area, and bribed the homeless there to disappear. Turrak looked over the papers and found they were letters between Joracai and someone who signed as “T” regarding the box and its transport. There were also instructions on how to leave the trunk vulnerable.

The rogues interrogated the prisoner, and learned of a hideout in the Old Ruins. Arandil had Turrak patch up the prisoner and then set him free, much to Thamaril’s disappointment as now they had to worry about an ambush.

After 45 minutes travel they had reached the old ruins, and knew they were being watched. As they started to get into an area that they recognized from the prisoner’s directions, an arrow landed at their feet.

Session 3

The party has been living in town for the last month. Turrak has been staying at a local temple (after an oddly mild reprimand for leaving his post), Yurkara has been staying with another temple more in line with her background, Arandil has been living in the military quarters and has darkened his hair to reduce the odd stares he was receiving. Thamaril has been living in the lower middle class quarters.

The party is given a plain band of copper marked with the symbol of an eye, and inducted into the guild. After an introduction to the guildhall, which is an unassuming building in the middle class area which holds both a tavern and a meeting hall. A feast is held and the party meets the mysterious Guildmaster, a tiny gnome dressed as a nobleman, who does most of his work outside the guildhall and leaves in charge the Hawklight elven siblings (a seneschal and the guild outfitter). At the feast, Otiril gives gifts to the party in thanks for their help at his keep. Andiatha is still the party supervisor, and tells the group that if they receive a summons to meet her, that they should meet her at the guildhall.

One morning, each member of the party receives a letter from a courier that instructs them to meet at the guildhall. They arrive and find a stressed and tired looking Andiatha. She informs them that a very important nobleman’s son by the name of Harloe VonMarra had been murdered during the night. The party is instructed to find out what happened. The body is at the Chapel of Shrouded Raven. They are also given the directions to the VonMarra estate.

At the chapel, which is near the noble cemetery, the party is greeted by the priests, and are taken down to the morgue where the body is laid out on a stone slab, covered with a sheet. There are the trappings of a ritual. Thamaril asks about the victim’s effects and is told they were returned to the family. The party examined the body. They found that his wounds were defensive in nature, and were a combination of gashes from a serrated weapon and deep punctures from a sharp, thin weapon. Turrak determined that the victim would not have died from these wounds alone, but the body was cleaned since the event and no sign could be found of poison.

Turrak performed a Last Sight Vision ritual. He saw through Hanloe’s eyes: He was in dark clothing, but not leather. It was night, and he was moving cautiously through a garden, came to a wall and climbed up a trellis. He entered a parlour that was in great disarray and dimly lit. There were two men in the room, one armed with a pair of barbed daggers, the other armed with thin daggers that seemed to not actually be held in his hands. There was the sound of a third person. Harloe fell quickly, as he was unarmed. The two men left his view, and his vision became “twitchy”. The vision ended.

The group left the chapel, having spent two hours investigating since they had spoke with Andiatha. Helia seemed quite relieved to leave the Raven Queen’s chapel. The party then made their way to the VonMarra estate, where the body had been found. After half an hour of travel, they arrived at the gate where two guards were standing. One of the guards went inside, and Hanloe’s father, Lord Haskar, came to the door and commented that the party were Orrin’s people. The man looked to be in his forties and seemed lost and grieving. He showed the party in and introduced them to his wife, Lady Gremmella, who was a bitter, dour looking woman with a very business like manner.

Haskar introduced the group to Istin, their servant, and he showed them up to Harloe’s room. They entered the parlour and found it chaotic, ransacked, with everything overturned and a pool of blood in the center. Turrak recognized it as the room from his vision. Investigation shows that the office area is full of torn papers, and the window in the bedroom was forced open. It seemed to be an unprofessional or rushed job. There are some items obviously missing, but the office seemed the primary target, with a large item of furniture missing. Thamaril found a black silk veil that was the symbol of the thieves’ guild. Helia declares that there was magic used in the bedroom.

Turrak talked with Istin and asked about Hanloe. He learned that Hanloe was always “special” and quite the ladies’ man. He came and went often in the night and was popular with the tradespeople as he treated everyone well. He had not been agitated lately, but had been excited over the delivery of a large trunk during the night three weeks before. It was delivered by shady men, whom Istin felt seemed to be criminals. Thamaril remembered hearing on the streets that Hanloe was known for shady dealings.

They learn that the body was discovered by the upstairs maid, and Istin goes to gather the staff so they could speak with them. Turrak looked at the blood and felt that it smelt odd, and took a sample on some cloth. Helia took some torn papers from the office so that Turrak could try a Make Whole ritual on them.

The halfling maid Ladela told them that she had overheard Hanloe and Pegason (his body servant) speaking, and that Hanloe had said that he was going to meet a merchant and “that vile lizard” and referenced going to the Silver Palace.

Pegason entered the room angrily when he was called in, and seemed unimpressed by the party. His arms were crossed as he stood, and it was easy to tell that he did not trust the group. He denied knowing where Hanloe had been going, but was called on his lie. Thamaril mentioned “the vile lizard” and Pegason was unable to hide his surprise. He said he was not sure who that was, but that Hanloe was not on good terms with the person. Again he was called on his lie, and he said to speak to a merchant named Joricai. Thamaril recalled that Joricai was a merchant with a big business who dealt in importing exotic items from far away. Pegason left before any further questions were asked.

Next the group spoke to Yenben, a half orc gardener who was not very bright. Thamaril took over the questioning and learned that Hanloe used the trellis to get in and out often. He said that Hanloe’s “friends” had trampled the garden after Hanloe had left the night before. Hanloe then came home, and shortly after three (“one and one and one”) men left with a floating box that they took on horses. He said that the men, and Hanloe smelt of the sewers.

Thamaril and Arandil examined the clothing Hanloe had been wearing and found that it was a patchwork outfit that had been handmade unprofessionally from different garments.

Turrak performed the Make Whole ritual, and found that one of the papers was a bill of lading from Joricai for a sealed trunk. Another paper was a rubbing of a crest that they discovered was the crest of Morakia, a man of legend from more than a hundred years ago who it was claimed had the blood of dragons and was a philosopher alchemist inventor warrior.

Yenben rushed into the room to Thamaril and told him “sneaky man running away” and the party took off chasing after what turned out to be Pegason. The chase led into the sewers. Thamaril continued to chase their target, who was leading them in circles, but the rest of the party stopped when they discovered they were being followed. A fight ensued with wererats. Thamaril and Pegason eventually came around and joined the fight. Talking with Pegason after the fight was finished, Thamaril convinced him to tell them what he was doing in the sewers. He said he was looking after his best friend Hanloe’s interests, and led them to a secret door that held a small hideaway with alchemical supplies.

Session 2

The woman gathered her things that the kobolds had been rummaging through, and said that she was worried the kobolds were going to sacrifice her to whatever was further in the structure. She introduced herself as Halia. When asked, she confirmed that she was a member of the previously sent Azure Brotherhood party. She said that they had found Otiril and were talking with him when they were attacked. She asked to join with the party.

The party moved on and heard the sounds of kobolds up ahead, along with what Turrak thought was the sound of hammering. There was a voice shouting, and Halia translated it as instructions to barricade the doors. Arandil could see bodies in the room ahead, some human and dwarf, as well as kobold and large insects. Turrak and Yurkara recognize the room as a storeroom. A fight ensued.

After the kobolds were defeated, Turrak took a closer look at the bodies of the humanoids, and found that they had both bite wounds and broken limbs, as well as acid burns. The insects they determined were giant ants. The dwarves settled in for a rest while the others searched the room. After everyone had a rest, they opened one of the doors to investigate further.

The rogues led the way into an unfinished crypt. There was further chattering insect noises, and the group took care of a number of ants. They then went up to investigate the other door that the kobolds had barricaded.

The door leads to a room that looks to be an alchemical lab that was also being used as a foreman’s office for the construction. There are two makeshift cages, one holding a prone human and the other a badly battered but conscious dwarf. There were a number of ants, as well as some kobolds barricading themselves into an alcove. One of the bugs was trying to break into the human’s cage. The dwarf noticed the party, and started banging on his cage and calling for help. A fight ensued, with the dwarf cheering on the party. The bugs were taken care of, and the kobolds moved out of their hiding place. Thamaril made a leap across a pit to decapitate one of the kobolds. Arandil released the dwarf from his cage, and the dwarf used an odd-feeling magic to attack one of the kobolds.

After the enemies were defeated, the dwarf moved over to open the human’s cage, and Halia ran over, recognizing him as from her party. The dwarf thanked the group for their help, and introduced himself as Otiril. He said that his people had run when the giant ants broke through one of the walls, and that the kobolds had moved in thinking the place had been abandoned. Otiril wanted to make sure everyone got out of the structure. After finding out why the party was there, he asked if they could deal with the ant colony, and kill the queen so no further ants would come from the nest. He gave Arandil ten special arrows that would explode with fire, and Thamaril a special jacket that would shoot out blades should he be grabbed, as the ants were wont to do.

The party headed through the broken wall and into some underground caves. They fought off some more of the ants before reaching the queen. After defeating her and searching the area, the party went back up to the structure and rested after their ordeal.

Items found in this adventure (not previously mentioned): 340gp, 300sp, 2 gems (worth 100gp each), 3 potions of healing, 1 level 4 item (to be added).

Level up!

Session 1

Andiatha Rainsinger called us together at the Lonely Sailor to give us a testing quest from the Azure Brotherhood. We were told to go to Whisper Springs and investigate a loss of communication with a Dwarf Otiril of clan Tormikos who was building a keep nearby with the permission of the king. She told us to speak with the mayor, Noros Fletcher, with whom she had contact, and gave us a map. She said that she had sent a party to investigate three weeks before, but had not heard from them either.

Upon reaching the village after three days travel, we found it was very small, let than a hundred in population, and was a hunting town. People began to gather as we appeared, and we were met by the mayor, who led us to the tavern after we mentioned Andiatha. The bartender encouraged the other patrons to leave, then after getting us our drinks was shooed out by the mayor. He told us about problems at the build site, with the workers leaving in the middle of the night, and the loss of contact with Otiril. He mentioned that a previous group sent by the Azure Brotherhood had arrived two and a half weeks ago, and disappeared. Through questioning we found out that the first problems were noticed about a month ago.

The mayor took us to visit the workers’ camp, where about fifteen to twenty workers had been staying. Some of the tents looked to be cut open with weapons, and there was blood that was several days old. Small footprints were found leading off to the construction site. A map case was found, but the plans for the lower levels were missing.

We went back to the village to rest for the night after a small feast, and after a breakfast of porridge that was made for us, we headed out to the construction site. Sounds of Kobalds were heard as we approached, and a fight ensued. After defeating them, we moved down into the structure, and fought off more of the creatures, and met a Human woman.

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