Kingdom of Harkenwold

The kingdom of Harkinwold is a very young nation formed only 10 years ago from elements of far older societies. Located along the north eastern shore of the Inshan Sea, Harkinwold started in the port city of Lamperston. With political maneuvering, trade agreements, and promises of alliance and mutual protection, Erastis was able to bring the Human/Dwarven trading town of Hadrian’s Crossing and the predominantly Elvish town of Fenwood together to form the Kingdom with him as King.

The Kingdom is approximately 200 miles east to west and roughly 100 miles north to south. The eastern edge of the kingdom is bordered by the vast and forbidding Anafel Swamp with the equally intimidating Deep Wood just north of that. The Silver River runs from the north down through the entire west side of the kingdom to the Inshan Sea.

Lamperston is located on the coast of the Inshan Sea at the mouth of the Silver River. An old trade road leads from Lamperston to Hadrian’s Crossing to the north. The trade road was once widely used although it has since fell into disrepair since the use of the river as a souce of travel has become more popular. A newer road has been constructed leading from Lamperston to Fenwood in the north east. This road is well cared for and the well patrolled as it is the only trade route between the two cities.

While the kingdom does it’s best to ensure the safety of its subjects, there are large portions of that space which are rough wilderness. Small tribes of kobolds roam the countryside, occasionally raiding human settlements seemingly at random. There is a large and aggressive society of Lizardfolk living in the Anafel Swamp who have an ongoing conflict with Fenwood and in the west are at least 2 tribes of goblinoids that continually push against the western edges of the kingdom.

Kingdom of Harkenwold

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